This trip of your lifetime will provide you with the most luxurious and amazing, top of the line barge experience with all inclusive treatment. All you have to do is relax to recharge your spirits and enjoy yourself to the fullest, discover the world of healthy indulgement and get pampered with impeccable service. Whatever your heart desires, be it a choice of daily activities we offer you, or a selection of a gourmet cuisine, or romantic, laughter filled evenings, there will never be routine aboard our ship and we are at your service. Because we aim to please!

What is included during this cruise?

  • 6 nights/7 days in a luxurious double suite with a private bathroom
  • Divine meals aboard the ship, starting from the dinner the first day to breakfast the last morning
  • Selection of table and fine wines and alcoholic beverages consumed aboard
  • Round trip chauffeured transportation from and to Amsterdam/Paris as well as daily use of our private minibus van with our tour guide
  • Use of vessel’s bikes and other onboard facilities, through daily escorted excursions, attractions and sightseeing with entrance fees to museums, chateaux, galleries etc.

What is NOT included during this cruise?

  • Airfare (flight tickets) to and from Holland or France
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Crew gratuity (suggested minimum amount is 5-10% of the cruise price)
  • Extra activities NOT covered in all inclusive package:Golf, tennis, hot-air ballooning, horse riding, helicopter or plane rental, karting, quad bikes,…

Cruise rates in 2022 season

For both the charter prices as well as individual prices, please see the chart below! 

Rates are for 6 nights/ 7 days either: per person based on double occupancy per cabin or on a whole barge charter basis.

Accommodation                                          FRANCE                        HOLLAND

Suite                                                                5,500€                               4,000€

Single supplement (extra)                               2,750€                            2,250€

Charter ( Whole Barge)

Charter 6 passengers                                   38,500€                              27,500€     

Charter 7 passengers                                   41,750€                              29,750€

Charter 8 passengers (max)                        44,000€                           32,000€


3-country cruise is a combination of Holland and France cruises: 76,000 EUR for a charter


 Departure Dates 2022                                         Rates                            Cruise region

March 27 through June 18                                  Regular                             Holland

        (weekly basis)                       

June 19 – July 3 (2 weeks)                                                                               3 countries

July through October 22                                      Regular                             France

        (weekly basis)

Non-charter departures require a minimum of 6 passengers to operate!

Cruise rates in 2023 season

Rates are for 6 nights/ 7 days either: per person on double occupancy per cabin or on a whole barge charter basis.

Rates in Euros:

Accommodation                                          FRANCE                               HOLLAND

Suite                                                                6,000€                               5,000€

Single supplement                                        3,000€                               2,500€

Charter ( Whole Barge)

Charter 6 passengers                                   42,000€                              35,000€     

Charter 7 passengers                                   45,000€                              37,500€

Charter 8 passengers (max)                        48,000€                              40,000€

Rates in Dollars:

Accommodation                                          FRANCE                               HOLLAND

Suite                                                                7,000$                               6,000$

Single supplement                                        3,500$                               3,000$

Charter ( Whole Barge)

Charter 6 passengers                                   49,000 $                              42,000$     

Charter 7 passengers                                   52,500 $                              45,000$

Charter 8 passengers (max)                        56,000 $                              48,000$

3 Country cruise is a combination of Holland and France: 88,000 EUR for a charter or 100,000 USD!

Minimum passengers for the 3 country cruise is 4.

 Departure Dates 2023                                         Rates                            Cruise region

March 26 through May 13                                  Regular                             Holland

        (weekly basis)                            

May 14 – May 28 (2 weeks)                                                                            3 countries

June 4 through October 14                                 Regular                               France

        (weekly basis)

October 15 – October29 (2 weeks)                                                               3 countries

Our weekly cruises begin every Sunday and end every Saturday from March 26, 2023 until October 29,2023.

We do go out for 3 cabins minimum, so either as individual cabins to be sold or on a charter basis (with the exception of 3 country cruise that can go out with 4 passengers)!