Luxury river cruise: Cruiseship Aurora

A word of enchantment, relaxation and happiness!

Welcome aboard Aurora!

You may wonder why you never did a trip like this before!

If your high-octane lifestyle begs for refreshment, a relaxing cruising holiday on the French and Dutch rivers and canals is the ultimate way to recharge your spirits. Come and stay with us to discover a world of enchantment, relaxation and true happiness! This trip of your lifetime will focus not just on your well-being but on country’s gems such as art, history, music and food and will combine it with an ultra-deluxe 7-day barging experience aboard Aurora! Life is too short not to make the best out of it! See you soon!

Why choose cruising in Holland?

• the land of super relaxed atmosphere and extremely friendly people with a tourist-welcoming mindset • a place where everybody speaks English so no need to worry about getting lost in translation • amazingly delightful countryside dotted with picturesque houses, pretty windmills & never-ending canals and waterways • offers plenty of quaint sights and romantic settings while cruising which make it an ideal family and friend get-together destination • is not only about cheese, flowers and windmills but there are plenty of events, fairs, festivals and numerous art exhibitions as well as many hidden gems waiting to be discovered! • generally welcoming atmosphere makes it your favourite home away from home. • Bicycle along the waterways on our luxury bike and barge trip, we also offer customized cycling tours

Why choose cruising in France?

• it is the world’s most popular destination with over 80 million visitors every year • there is only one City of lights, a place that is both fascinating and beautiful with all the glitz and glamour – Paris captivates everybody’s heart and soul • stunning and unparalleled landscapes with lot of diverse scenery, great for outdoor lovers • the country is steeped with history and architecture that demonstrates itself in every corner – be it a castle, a museum, a gallery or a manicured garden, abundance of cathedrals or traditional regional houses • there is no better place to sample the local and regional specialties and wines than in French bistrots, cafes or farmers markets and Michelin restaurants will certainly impress every gourmet and connoisseur! • it is an endless source of inspiration for creative minds with many famous writers, painters, journalists, artists, musicians or dancers that can thank France for their success and inspiration

Enjoy delicious foods during your 7 day river cruise

During your 7 day river cruise with us you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the various delicious foods and beverages. Choose from your absolute favorite dishes on the cruises through The Netherlands or France or try something new! Everything is accounted for by our trusted Waterway Gourmet Chef. We also provide a wide variety of choice for vegetarians and vegans on cruise ship Aurora.

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer

You won’t forget the amazing moments of the river cruise. When you choose to go for the ultimate trip across the Dutch rivers or French canals you’ll see all the best places, taste the best foods and take part in exciting festivals. They say that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, which is especially true when you opt for the custom daytrips we provide daily. Let us know what you would like to do on your luxury cruise in The Netherlands or France!

We breathe quality

If there’s one thing we take pride in regarding the luxury canal and river cruise in Holland or France, it’s quality. From the luxurious stay to the picturesque scenery, quality is the number one thing we strive for regarding our cruises. Getting fresh ingredients for the onboard foods, selecting the best routes and places to visit when disembarking in a city like Rotterdam, Amsterdam or Paris, everything to get you the best experience as possible during our cruises through Holland and France!

What do we offer?


What do we have to offer?


Sleep comfortable and luxurious!



-Freshly prepaired food, made with love by your own private Waterway Gourmet Chef. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner, while gazing over the endless water canals and rivers, which Holland and France have to offer. Come and have a look at our menu!


Are you curious to where our cruise is going to take you? Enjoy the cozy sightseeings The Netherlands and France have to offer.

WE breathe QUALITY.

Our cruise ship services have taken us around Europe. We are constantly perfecting our services towards our customers to offer you the best quality possible!

  • Testimonials

    "Beautiful ship… Great to meet you! Sorry you were unable to come to the set!"

    - Robert de Niro, USA -

  • Testimonials

    "Our barge cruise was a dream come true. It was beyond my expectations. The crew was attentive and catered to our every need. The food was superb. The views of the country side were magnificent and the cruise itself was very relaxing."

    - A.C., New Jersey, USA -

  • Testimonials

    "To some of the best friends and hosts ever! Thank you for blessing our lives with your talent, friendship and love! We leave you all with a glow in our hearts! We will carry you all with us in our memories as we travel this world and one day God willing, we’ll be together again soon! Bless you all! Thanks for simply being you! Love."

    - Mary Ann Mobley & Gary Collins, USA -

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